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Self imposed challenge for 2010 ... to take a picture a day ... of something that strikes me as interesting, beautiful and timely. And I will do my best to keep the Quinn, Sam, Bangs and Moonshine shots to a minimum. If one of my images strikes you in some way ... Love it? Hate it? Want to know more about it? ... please leave a comment.

Please feel free to leave comments!! Don't be shy!!

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1231 ~ Sunset1230 ~ Gone Askew1229 ~ Philadelphia Firsts1228 ~ Violin Shop1227 ~ Cold Sparrow1226 ~ BLIZZARD1225 ~ Believe!1224 ~ Rudolph?1223 ~ Noel1222 ~ Festive Irish Pub1221 ~ Bus Stop Prayers1220 ~ No Smoking Here1219 ~ Horsey Hello1218 ~ Berwyn Village Christmas1217 ~ Comcast Center Lights1216 ~ Rittenhouse Ornament1215 ~ City Hall Christmas1214 ~ Delancy Street1213 ~ Christmas Lights1212 ~ Year End Ribbons

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