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Philadelphia is the "Mural Capital of the World" - a "City of Murals". Started in 1984 as a component of the Philadelphia Anti-Graffiti Network and in 1996 was re-organized as the Mural Arts Program. More than 3,000 murals have been created through the program. This gallery features my photos of several of the murals.

For more information about the Mural Arts Program, see their website:
122 - May 2 - Collective IdentityFaces on Passayunk 01Faces on Passayunk 02Faces on Passayunk 03Faces on Passayunk 04Faces on Passayunk 05Faces on Passayunk 06Faces on Passayunk 07Faces on Passayunk 08Faces on Passayunk 09Faces on Passayunk 10Faces on Passayunk 11Faces on Passayunk 12Faces on Passayunk 13Faces on Passayunk 14Faces on Passayunk 00

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