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Please help me decide which image to post in the EPNetwork Gallery!! Each photographer is only allowed ONE image. Photographers submitting the two rop rated images will receive a complimentary 6 month membership. I have until December 31st to post my image.
Triton 2009.1221 2.jpgNikki 2009.1221 1.jpgNikki 2009.1221 2.jpgShania 2009.1221 1.jpgTurtle 2009.1222 1.jpgPinkie 2009.1222 1.jpgPinkie 2009.1222 2.jpgLaila 2009.1222 2.jpgLaila 2009.1222 3.jpgLaila 2009.1222 4.jpgPinkie 2009.1222 3.jpgLaila 2009.1222 5.jpgAspen 2009.1222 04.jpgAspen 2009.1222 05.jpgAspen 2009.1222 06.jpgAspen 2009.1222 08.jpgAspen 2009.1222 09.jpgAspen 2009.1222 11.jpgTriton 2009.1222 01.jpgTriton 2009.1222 02.jpg

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Deborah Shields(non-registered)
Eva, go with one of the two horses together. I would say 29, 31, or 32. Those have the most character. Just my $.02. I don't know what they say in photography, but in acting it's "break a leg". Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
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